Closing the gap between disability and work


Injury and/or illness can impact negatively on work performance before, during and/or following medical intervention. By clearly defining work demands and identifying areas of dysfunction, we are equipped to recommend interventions and implement solutions with a goal to achieving optimal participation in a suitable work role.

Beukes and Reynders Occupational Therapists is a medico-legal and vocational rehabilitation practice based in Randburg, Johannesburg. We bring a vibrant and energetic dynamic to a wide base of knowledge and professionalism.

Occupational therapy enables those with injury and/or disability to engage in daily activities which are meaningful to them. At Beukes and Reynders Occupational Therapists, we believe in the importance of return-to-work for those individuals who find meaning and purpose in their ability to work. Where possible, we are able to adapt the work environment and/or the person's limitations to ensure that they are able to achieve optimal productivity and satisfaction from their work.

Returning to work following injury/illness can be a challenging process for all stakeholders. We believe in open communication and mediation as we engage with the employer, the employee and any relevant third party to ensure the best possible outcome for all.

Meet the Team

Kirsten Beukes

An occupational therapist with experience in medico legal assessments, functional capacity evaluations, case management and vocational rehabilitation; as well as in the fields of physical and neurological rehabilitation. Kirsten is passionate about the importance of return-to-work following injury/illness; and she strives to offer comprehensive and evidence-based intervention which will enable her clients to lead a well-rounded and fulfilling life.


  • BscOT (Wits) - 2017
  • Ergoscience FCE Training - 2019

Fiona Reynders

An occupational therapist with many years of experience running a paediatric occupational therapy practice and involved in training; Fiona has discovered her passion for return-to-work in recent years. Within the vocational occupational therapy space; she has experience in medico-legal assessments, functional capacity evaluations and vocational rehabilitation. Her well-rounded experience and empathetic approach enables clients to comfortably engage in a return-to-work rehabilitation process, thereby assisting them to achieve optimal productivity and work satisfaction.


  • BscOT (Wits) - 1996
  • Ergoscience FCE Training - 2018

Rachel Maponya

Rachel is our energetic and efficient office administrator. She is the friendly face that welcomes our clients to the practice; and she assists with translation when needed.

Office Administrator

Services Offered

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs)

  • A Functional Capacity Evaluation is an assessment conducted by an occupational therapist to determine a person's ability to work in their own and/or an alternative occupation following injury/illness.
  • A comprehensive and objective assessment of the client's physical, cognitive and psycho-emotional capabilities enables us to determine their overall ability to work; as well as to make recommendations for future intervention which may enable the client to work in the future.
  • An FCE can be requested by an employer to determine an employee's ability to work and and/or to assess how a particular work environment could enhance the employee's needs. Employees can also contact us directly to perform an FCE.
  • FCEs are also requested by insurance companies to determine a claimant's capacity for work, assess the need for return-to-work rehabilitation, and/or to determine temporary or permanent incapacity.
  • At Beukes and Reynders Occupational Therapists, we pride ourselves on timely, objective and comprehensive report-writing.

Pre-Work Screening

  • A Pre-Work Screening is a brief assessment and report which assesses potential limitations with regard to return-to-work. A brief report is provided with client-centred recommendations to ensure optimal re-integration into the workplace, as well as successful return to work.
  • In certain cases, a pre-work screening will determine the need for a comprehensive Functional Capacity Evaluation.

Vocational Rehabilitation

  • Vocational rehabilitation aims to address those physical, cognitive and/or psycho-emotional barriers to return-to-work.
  • This intervention may include physical rehabilitation and/or cognitive rehabilitation which aims toward improving physical/cognitive functions which are limiting return-to-work.
  • This intervention aims to bridge the gap between the work environment/demands and the client's capabilities by implementing ergonomic adaptations, pain management interventions, energy conservation techniques and coping strategies, thereby ensuring successful return-to-work.
  • This intervention is typically offered following an illness/injury; and follows the client into the work environment to ensure a successful re-integration process.
  • This intervention often requires ongoing communication with the employer to ensure optimal application of the recommended interventions, thereby improving the probability of successful and long-term return-to-work.

Case Management

  • Our case management services aim to manage the relationship between the client and their disability insurer, curator and/or medical management team.
  • As case managers, we are able to objectively manage a client's access to medical and rehabilitation services, assistive devices and/or caregiving services based on their disability and needs.
  • Our efficient and clear communication skills enable us to effectively manage and mediate between all parties involved.


  • We are registered service providers of the Back and Neck Assistance Programme (BNAP) and the Work Rehabilitation Assistance Programme (WRAP).
  • As network practice members of the Workability team; this service offering is well-aligned to our practice vision regarding return-to-work. See for more information on the Workability service offering.
  • We are registered through Workability to provide rehabilitation to Injury on Duty and/or Workmen's Compensation patients; and we are registered with COID, FEM, RMA and SAPS.
  • We work in association with Bell, Rogers and Harris Physiotherapy for optimal multi-disciplinary intervention. See for more information on their service offering.

Medico Legal

  • We offer comprehensive and objective medico legal assessments which aim to evaluate the impact of an accident or illness on the claimant's participation in activities of daily living; with emphasis placed on the claimant's capacity for work.
  • A number of standardised assessment tools are utilised for optimal objectivity in our assessments.
  • Our therapists have experience in adult and paediatric medico-legal assessments; assessing a variety of physical, neurological and psychiatric disabilities.

Ergonomic Evaluations

  • Ergonomic evaluations ensure optimal set-up of your workspace in order to minimise physical discomfort and optimise productivity at work.
  • This may include evaluation of your desk, chair and computer set-up; as well as evaluation of environmental factors such as noise and lighting.
  • Recommendations can then be made on how to adapt your workspace to ensure optimal productivity. This may include recommendations for new office equipment, re-arrangement of office equipment, implementation of regular rest breaks and recommendations with regard to environmental factors which may be influencing productivity.
  • Ergonomic evaluations can be requested by employers for their staff, or by individuals who would like to ensure that their work set-up allows for optimal productivity at work.