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21 April 2022 (5 - 7pm)

The Role of the Biokineticist in the Return-to-Work process

Presented by Clint Dalglish

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19 May 2022 (5 - 7pm)

Return-to-Work for Mental Health Conditions: A Case Study Analysis

Presented by Megan Townshend & Janine Schoeman

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23 June 2022 (5 - 7pm)

Comminicating with Employers during the PCE and Return-to-Work Process

Presented by Susan Verhoef

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21 July 2022 (5 - 7pm)

Medical Fitness for Work: Including interpretation of Spirometry and Audiogram

Presented by Dr Mollen Magombo

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18 August 2022 (5 - 7pm)

back Pathologies and Return-to-Work

Presented by Suzanne Rogers & Fiona Reynders

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15 September 2022 (5 - 7pm)

Occupational Therapy in the Mining Industry in South Africa

Presented by Renske Botha

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13 October 2022 (5 - 7pm)

Hand Therapy in Vocational Rehabilitation

Presented by Gayle Seago

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17 November 2022 (5 - 7pm)

The Application of Assistive Technology/Devices in Vocational Rehabilitation

Presented by Various Guest Speakers

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