About Beukes and Reynders
Occupational Therapists

Injury and/or illness can impact negatively on work performance before, during and/or following medical intervention. By clearly defining work demands and identifying areas of dysfunction, we are equipped to recommend interventions and implement solutions with a goal to achieving optimal participation in a suitable work role.

Beukes and Reynders Occupational Therapists is a medico-legal and vocational rehabilitation practice based in Randburg, Johannesburg. We bring a vibrant and energetic dynamic to a wide base of knowledge and professionalism.

Occupational therapy enables those with injury and/or disability to engage in daily activities which are meaningful to them. At Beukes and Reynders Occupational Therapists, we believe in the importance of return-to-work for those individuals who find meaning and purpose in their ability to work. Where possible, we are able to adapt the work environment and/or the person's limitations to ensure that they are able to achieve optimal productivity and satisfaction from their work.

Returning to work following injury/illness can be a challenging process for all stakeholders. We believe in open communication and mediation as we engage with the employer, the employee and any relevant third party to ensure the best possible outcome for all.