Together with Workability, we strive to give your patients
access to affordable, effective and reputable rehabilitation.

We are registered service providers of the Workability programmes; including the Back and Neck Assistance Programme (BNAP), and the Work Rehabilitation Assistance Programme (WRAP).

As network members of the Workability team, this service is well-aligned to our practice vision, in which we value supported return-to-work and the positive impact of this on an individual’s sense of productivity and overall well-being. We are able to provide your patients with comprehensive Occupational Therapy services to help them get on their feet again.

Through Workability, we provide rehabilitation to Injury on Duty and/or Workmen's Compensation patients. Through Workability, we are registered service providers with COID, FEM, RMA and SAPS.

We work closely in association with Bell, Rogers and Harris Physiotherapy to provide holistic multi-disciplinary intervention. See BRH Physios ( for more information.

Benefits of Workability for Doctors

As a doctor, here’s why you should consider partnering with us and Workability:

  • Workability’s growing national network of independently-owned rehabilitation units actively addresses all physical barriers that prevent patients from getting back to work and life.
  • You are given access to our Workability web-based IT System that allows you to access all your referred patients' treatment history.
  • At Beukes and Reynders Occupational Therapists, our case managers oversee the patients return to life journey, so as a doctor, you stay informed of patient recovery at all times.
  • Workability has worked with more than 1500 companies and treated over 30 000 patients with a 95% return-to-work average!

BNAP (Back & Neck Assistance Program)

BNAP is an active and evidence-based rehabilitation program aimed to help patients living with chronic back and neck pain to improve function, treat the cause of their pain and improve their quality of life.

BNAP is a functional rehabilitation program used by accredited Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and doctors to help your patients take back control over their pain and activities so that they can get back to the life they want.

Key benefits for your patients

  • Patients will receive an initial comprehensive assessment from one of our experienced Occupational Therapists.
  • The Occupational Therapist will help your patients to set achievable treatment goals.
  • We will tailor a Personalised Treatment Plan including structured exercises and a home programme that is easy for patients to follow.
  • Patients will be equipped with pain management strategies.
  • The Case Coordinator will support your patients telephonically before, during, as well as after completion of the programme.

WRAP (Work Rehabilitation Assistance Program)

WRAP (Work Rehabilitation Assistance Program)

WRAP is an active rehabilitation programme for patients who have sustained an injury at work. The goal is to get patients back to work and life in the shortest time possible.

The WRAP program is driven by physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists who are Injured on Duty (IOD) specialists. They are equipped to assess your patients’ injury as well as understand if the injury will have an impact on their ability to work and/or cope at home.

Key benefits for your patients

  • The programme takes a holistic and comprehensive approach to pain
  • Patients get an individualised treatment programme to suit their needs
  • We offer a holistic treatment programme, meaning that your Occupational Therapy treatment will aim to help you with any work-related and/or daily activities which may be difficult as a result of your injury.
  • The cost of this programme is free to patients who are employed if their employers are registered with Workman’s Compensation.